History of the Mologa & District Landcare Group

On the 5th November 1997, a meeting was convened to gauge the interest in forming a Landcare group in the Mologa/Mologa Central area.

Present were Bill Boyd, Bill + Sue Pickles, Walter Pickles, Graeme Leed, Noel Hercus, Max Gamble.

Bill Boyd moved that a Landcare group be formed seconded by Graeme Leed.

As Chairman Bill Boyd nominated Bill Pickles – elected.

As Secretary/Treasurer Max Gamble was nominated and elected.

Bill Boyd suggested we call our group

Mologa and District Landcare Group.

The aims for the group as suggested by Bill Pickles were

1) Weed control

2) Vermin control Rabbits, Foxes

3) Salinity control, Tree planting etc.

The boundaries for the Group was to the

East: Bullock Creek

South: Mitiamo to Loddon Valley Hwy. Rd.

West: Seven Month Creek

North: Ervins Rd. – Abbattoir Rd – to the Poplar tree crossing at the Railway Line – to the Bullock Creek

It was suggested by Graeme Leed that a pamphlet should be produced to inform people in that area that a Landcare Group has been formed and invite them to attend our next meeting and ask them to indicate whether they are interested in becoming members.

The secretary to contact the D.N.R.E. to inform them that the Mologa and District Landcare Group has been formed and also notify the North Central Catchment Management Authority and the Loddon Shire Council.

Information on Incorporation and Insurance to be investigated by the Secretary.

Next meeting to be early in 1998

Meeting closed at 9-30 p.m.

Over the years campaigns to eradicate Rabbits and Foxes with bait was waged.

Weeds were sprayed on a regular base. Tree planting was done on public places and farms. Funding for these undertakings had to be acquired through grants, which to this day means, filling out forms and spending time doing this.

The membership fee was set to $10 per household and then lifted to $20.

After the flood in 2011 the group decided that it will take on the project of restoring the WW1 Memorial in Mologa.

The site was overgrown and damaged by the flood. Plans were made for trees to be planted and the whole area made as a Memorial park to commemorate

the Fallen and returned soldiers of Mologa.

ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Celebration were again held and people from all over the country turned up to thank their relatives for their sacrifice. The Memorial is now looked after and attended by all the members of the Mologa & District Landcare Group.