ANZAC Day 2020 – 100 Year Anniversary of the Mologa War Memorial

This year the celebration on ANZAC Day were put on hold because of Coronavirus.

But we cannot and should not forget the sacrifices which our soldiers had to endure. That was when at 5 o’clock in the morning 33 candles were lit on the memorial site and on each plaque to remember. It was very peaceful and quiet.

A spectacular tribute to the Mologa soldiers was produced by Denise Leed, who, with the help of several locals, created 10 “Hay Bale Soldiers” at the corner of the Mologa-Durham Ox Rd and the Bendigo-Pyramid Rd.

This memorial honours the Mologa Soldiers who fought in the war, and honours the memory of local farmer Allan Leed who tragically lost his life last year in a farm accident. Below is some photos.

The hay bale memorial featured in the East Loddon P-12 College online ANZAC service, with speeches by Denise Leed and Nick Marlow live from Mologa, as well as several school students live from their homes.